Your safety and security are of the utmost importance to our entire staff. Please read the following section so that you know what we do to guarantee your safety, what you should do to maintain your privacy, and what we do in times of an emergency.

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures 

Plan Ahead 

  • When you check into a hotel make a “mental map” of the closest exits, fire alarms and extinguishers to your room or in your corridor. 
  • Count the doorways and/or other features between your room and the exits. 
  • Learn the layout of your room, including the operation of your room openings (doors & windows). Be able to unlock your door in the dark. 
  • Put your room key close to where you sleep. You will need your room key for re-entry if necessary. 

If There Is a Fire in Your Room 

  • Leave the room immediately. Take your room key. Close the door behind you. 
  • Sound the nearest fire alarm and alert your neighbors. 
  • Walk to safety via the nearest fire exit. Do not use the elevator. 
  • Once you are safely away, use the nearest phone to call the Fire Department.

If There is a Fire in Another Area 

  • Upon notification of fire, grab your key and check your room for smoke. Do not stand up. 
  • Crawl to the door; feel it with the palm of your hand. Do not open it if it is warm or hot to the touch.
  • If your door is not hot to the touch, be ready to close it immediately if smoke begins to rush in. 
  • If there is no smoke and the hallways are clear, close your door and walk to the nearest fire stairwell. Walk down to the ground level using the handrail. Do not attempt to use the elevators.

If the Door to Your Room is Hot or if There is Smoke in the Hallway 

  • Stay in your room. 
  • Fill the bathtub with water. Use wet towels to seal all cracks. Bail water on the hot door or walls with a wastebasket or ice bucket. 
  • Call 911 
  • Place a wet towel or blanket around your nose and mouth. 
  • If you have a window that opens, open it only if the outside air is smoke free. 
  • Close the window if smoke begins to enter your room from a lower floor.
  • If your window does not open, you may have to break the glass if your room is filling with smoke. Break the glass with a chair or drawer only as a last resort, since you won’t be able to close it if there is smoke coming in from a lower level. 
  • Signal at your window. 
  • Remain calm.

Personal Privacy & Security 

Your room is equipped with a spy hole and lock system to keep you safe. Please display your DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outside of your door to insure privacy. Use the spy hole to identify any visitors, never answer the door to anyone you don’t recognize. All Hi-Tide Oceanfront Inn employees wear uniforms and name tags. Please call the Front Desk if you have any questions or security concerns. An employee or emergency personnel will be immediately dispatched to investigate.

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